What are professional cliparts?
The difference to bitmap-based cliparts is that the BILDERFINDER professional cliparts are vector-based so you can edit them:
enlarge, colour and shape. You can cut out their shape from materials with a plotter. You can enlarge them for printing in postersize and bigger. You can convert them into bitmaps for use in the internet.

What are vectors?
A vector is a line with two points which can be joined with other vectors. It can define shapes which can be filled with colors.

The advantage of vector-based graphics:
If vector-based graphics are enlarged they stay sharp-edged and keep their low filesize. If bitmaps are enlarged: they loose quality (edges become jagged, details become unsharp) and their filesize will increase.

The disadvantage of vector-based graphics:
Vector-based graphics can only show opaque surfaces, they cannot figure photographic details.

At the ending of the file you can recognize a vector-based graphic:
filename.ai / filename.eps / filename.fla / filename.cdr = vector graphics
filename.tif / filename.gif / filename.jpg / filename.pcx / filename.bmp = bitmaps

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